Thursday, January 17, 2013

Gift for a friend

I have a lovely goodie basket that I`m going to be sending to my friend in Australia (giant box of pop tarts, candy necklaces and other goodies). I was flipping through the tags, bags, boxes and more 2 booklet with my husband and he picked the mini pizza box for me to make. I'm going to be putting two souvenir coins in the little box.

There’s a couple of steps involved in scoring and cutting a box.

1.      Insert the scoring tip and load the mat. Change the cut settings to scoring tip (my suggested settings are 5 speed, 5 pressure, 1 multi-cut and 6 on the housing).
2.      Pick the shift of the box (these are the score lines). Press home.

3.      Press cut (it won’t be cutting, but scoring at this point)

4.      Once the scoring is done, do not unload mat! Carefully remove the scoring tip and don’t move the blade carriage or the cut will be off.

5.      Insert the blade (careful again to not move anything) and adjust the cut settings to cut paper.

6.      Delete the score line ‘cut’ from the cut queue and select the box image.

7.      Press home and press cut.

8.      Assemble the box according to the instructions


I also saw the card on page 32 and I just had to make it. So I made it and the corresponding envelope on page 33. I also used the card phrase with my markers. I just love how it turned out. 

I'm going to write a little message to her on the blank part. I really think she`ll love it.

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