Thursday, June 6, 2013

Cards for my Mother-in-Law

Sorry I haven`t posted in a while, spring is always a crazy time for me what with gardening and birthdays and all.

I know a lot of people probably don't like or maybe even get along with their mother-in-law. I happen to like my mother-in-law, she's like a second mom and we're very close. I enjoy making her cards because she likes art and she's sort of into crafts and I know she appreciates handmade cards.

I made her a Mother's Day card using Create-A-Critter 2 (can you tell that's my favourite cartridge? LOL).
(Ignore the blotchy spot on the pink bear. I had a minor issue with some black puffy paint.)
I cut out both of these bears and put them together. I just love how they turned out. I didn't have any flesh toned card stock so I improvised with my E000 copic marker and I think it turned out ok. I added a bit of black puffy paint to the eyes. I accidentally got some on the face of the pink bear. I thought I had totally ruined it, but I ended up remembering a trick from water colour painting. So I pulled out my x-acto knife and scrapped the top surface of the card stock away (it's not the greatest, but it does the job). The only problem is it that area is a bit discoloured and textured from the scraping. Oh well I think my mother-in-law will understand.
I cut out the sentiment and put it on the inside of the card (I cut it too big to put on the front LOL).  I think the card turned out really cute though.
My next card is a birthday card that I made entirely from my brand new Preserves cartridge. I have been drooling over this one for a while now, but I couldn't find it in stores so I bought it online. There's lots of fruit, cards, labels, and tags and I think I'll get lots of use out of it. I love labels and tags what can I say.
My mother-in-law and my father-in-law have birthdays 1 day apart from each other so I usually only make one card for the both of them (that might change, but who knows).
Sorry the picture is a little fuzzy, I need to replace my camera
The card is 4" by 4" which is a nice size when you just want a few things on the card. I cut out the strawberries and I turned the leaves, stem and dark colour strawberry into stickers with my little X (from Xyron) that I found at Value Village for $2.99. I love that X, it's perfect for those little fiddly bits that I need to glue.
I cut out the scallop circle at 3 inches and the inner circle at 2.75 inches. I inked the white circle  and the strawberry with Close to Cocoa ink pad from Stampin' Up. I just bought it from my cousin, a stampin' up demonstrator, for $8 with 2 refills - what a deal!.
I cut some stripped pink paper at 2" tall and trimmed it to fit the card (I don't remember which paper pack sorry I lost the front of the pack). I then cut a piece of darker pink spotted pattern paper and overlapped it on the stripped paper.
I think this is my best card yet. I almost wanted to keep if after it was done LOL (that's when you know it's a good one). The card sort of reminds me of an ice cream parlor or a strawberry shortcake. Hm now I want some strawberry shortcake.
After doing those two cards, it's become clear to me that I need to buy some more stamps. I have absolutely no everyday sentiment stamps at all (ok except Christmas ones, those don`t count). Mt husband agrees that I need to buy some, so I can`t wait to pick some out! Anyway thanks for reading!

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