Friday, January 4, 2013

Early starts

 I started playing with the cricut markers that I got for christmas and I can`t believe how easy these are to use. They even put the settings on the marker (thanks cricut!). Tags, bags, boxes and more 2 has card phrases for use with the pen (and in my mind perfect for the markers too). Since Valentine`s Day is coming up, I decided I`d pick "Be Mine" to draw. I know Valentine`s is a month away, but I`m a terrible procrastinator if I let myself. I decided I didn`t want to cut the cordinating card and I just used a scrap of paper and then matted it with some dark red. I think it looks great, might turn down the pressure a bit though.

I was so excited that my friend`s birthday was coming up because I had the chance to make a birthday card for the first time. My friend is a guy so I couldn`t do anything too girly, but I think it turned out nicely. This card is made entirely from Create A Critter 2. That cupcake is super cute!

I don`t have any stamps for birthdays yet, so I decided that I`d cut out a sentiment for the inside of the card too. So I cut "Make a wish". Sorry about the fuzzy picture, I tried a bunch of times to take a clear picture. My camera doesn't seem to like the colours.

I'll post when I complete the Valentine's Day card and a couple of other cards in my queue.

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